Author Topic: 3 Tips for Safe Chatting.. !  (Read 54 times)


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3 Tips for Safe Chatting.. !
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:22:13 PM »

1.Protect Your Identity:

       Donít choose an online ID that uses your real name, and never give any information during a chat that can be used to identify or locate you. This includes your last name, photos of you, what school you go to, where you hang out, and locational information such as your state, city and, obviously, your street address.

2.Trust No One,untill you feel they really good:

       Itís fine to chat with your friends online, but know that people online are sometimes not who they say they are, so you should never meet anyone in person who you only know online. Even if youíre sure you know who someone is, remember that predators are really good at creating personas to deceive kids.

3.Chat Rooms :

       You should always use a secure chat room, but even those arenít completely safe just because they are observed by moderators, as that wonít stop some people from starting inappropriate conversations and saying things that can make you feel uncomfortable. donít accept a chat invitation from anyone you donít know personally, and never give your IM or chat password out to anyone, including friends.